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Abortion: A Moral Issue

Abortion should not be a confusing issue for Christians who know that life begins at conception. There are some people that used to think abortion was wrong 20, 30, 40 years ago but all it took was for culture to apply a little pressure and they conformed. And then there are those Christians who know abortion is wrong but think Godly morals should not be enforceable laws or they say “what about free will?” But that is either foolishly or unknowingly advocating lawlessness or some type of utopian society where a justice system is not required. And one reason why God established laws is because he gave man free will and they chose to do wrong with that free will. But all laws that are enforced are based on someone's morals. The question that needs to be settled in every Christian is: Whose morals should be enforced? God’s or the cultures? The Lord’s or yours? If you never settle this question correctly, you will be changing your beliefs every time the culture does, you will be doing as Judges 17:6 says “every man did what was right in his own eyes” which makes you your own god. Now just because I believe abortion should be against the law does not mean I think it is thee answer for dealing with the heart of man. And if you have had an abortion please understand God’s mercy and forgiveness are available.


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