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A Father's Honor

Recently my wife and I were planning our weekend which included Father’s Day. We started talking about our plans for Father’s Day and as we were talking the Lord started showing and reminding me some things about Fatherhood. In today’s culture fathers are almost an afterthought, in most modern tv sitcoms and movies the dad is portrayed as a sloppy idiot or old out of touch dude that doesn’t know anything. The wife and teenage kids usually disrespect him, demean him, treat him like he is too slow to catch on while he watches TV and drinks beer all day. Usually this is done in the name of comedy but it’s actually not funny at all. The devil wants nothing more than to paint a picture of fathers being the most useless, unnecessary member of the family, this idea is gaining traction even as some women today see no use for a father in their children's lives. I understand and have compassion on those that had abusive or absent dads but that is not all dads. I applaud single moms who are doing an amazing job raising their children without the help of a husband for reasons out of their control, but that is not the way God intended it to be. The Father of all fathers instituted the family and he knew it was important that within the family there be a father and a mother, not just a mother, or two mothers or two dads but one father and one mother. If something was ordained and instituted by the Creator then we should not treat it with little value or importance as though we have advanced beyond the intelligence of the Omniscient God. The Bible tells us to HONOR our father and mother, this means both are worthy of respect. I am talking about placing a value on the father and not allowing this ungodly culture to convince us that a dad is not necessary or the knucklehead of the parent duo . Ephesians 3:14-15 says This is the reason I kneel in the presence of the Father 15 from whom ALL THE FAMILY in heaven and on earth RECEIVES ITS NAME. As Christians our identity comes from the Father God, everything we are in Jesus came from the Father God. As a Godly father we are anointed by God to help establish our children’s identity, a child should be confident and secure knowing that just like The Father God-dad will always be there for me, he won’t leave us, abandon us, won’t leave mom for another woman, he won’t have a mid-life crisis and start thinking he’s a teenager again. This is a big reason young people have identity issues today, the mature adults they are supposed to look up to are either not around or confused about who they are so it causes instability and uncertainty in the children regarding who they are. As a child of God our example is Jesus who is a direct reflection of the Father God, without his example we would be lost and confused on how to be a christian, there wouldn’t even be a christian. As a Father we are supposed to be that rock of consistency and stability our children see and look up to. Now it is not my purpose with this article to get into all the different aspects there is to being a father, I will save that for future articles, besides I am learning myself. But we need to realize that God placed within a father gifts and abilities that a mom does not have, just like a mom has gifts and abilities that a dad does not have. This is not about one gender being superior to another gender but understanding those gifts, recognizing each is anointed differently by God and then respect it, honor it and hold it up as a standard for the lost to see and desire. If you don’t have a dad, scripture says THE Father is a father to the fatherless...and he places those lonely in families (Psalm 68:5-6).

So on Father’s Day as we honor our dads, let us also honor the institution of fatherhood and The Father that created it.


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